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I looked at the topic for today and thought 'oh, that should be quite easy' but then... well how do I narrow down my likes to 10? And I don't like thinking of things I don't like so boo!

Green Day - they've been my favourite band since I was a teenager. I feel in love with Basket Case the first time I ever heard it and... just love!
Enya - My parents used to foster children and they had a girl who was mad about Enya. I heard her music when I was young and love the places it took me. Still do. Even if Regan calls it 'plinky plonky crap' LOL
Sex - oh, don't look at me like that. Sex is great!
Cross-stitch - The ability to take a blank canvas and some thread and make a picture never fails to make me feel amazing. I'm literally making something out of nothing!
Reading - I am a voracious reader and if I'm not cross-stitching, chances are I've got my nose in a book. My favourite genres are fantasy, horror and sci-fi but I'll read pretty much anything.
Tarot - I've been reading tarot since my late teens - 20 or so years now - and I love it's ability to help me focus and use my subconscious to solve problems that I don't know I'm working through.
Ancient Egypt - I have no idea what it is about Ancient Egypt and the mythology but it absolutely fascinates me.
Starbucks - I'm a coffee fiend and Starbucks is my supplier of my addiction.
Dolphins - Beautiful, intelligent, amazing animals. Basically.
Corsets - I love how they look, both on me and on other women, very sexy. And I love how powerful and sexy they make me feel when wearing them. It's a very shallow enjoyment and I'm perfectly happy to admit it.

Inequality - At the most base level, all people are people and should have the same rights. Simple as.
Hypersexualisation of pop music - yes, I know that 'sex sells', and yes music has ALWAYS been sex & drugs & rock 'n roll and yes, it was like it when I was younger. But it was more... it was nowhere near as in your face
Photoshopping of models - When she was 9, Regan asked to go on a diet because she didn't look like the pictures in magazines. She was NINE. It angers me that media has this insistence that women look a certain way when in reality... we don't!
Misunderstanding of BDSM - It's nothing like certain books/films would have you believe and its not abuse! It's control and trust and pleasure and pain and consensual and fun
The smell of cabbage cooking *wrinkles nose* blech
Mushrooms They're just gross, sorry. Horrible texture, nasty taste and they look weird!
Grey pubes TMI maybe, and I know it's my age - I'm getting a few grey hairs which in general don't both me but my pubic hair going grey is just horrible!
Chelsea FC losing a match I support Chelsea, it makes me sad
The tory government. Don't get me started!
Having to rip out stitches You've been knitting/stitching along merrily only to realise you've screwed up somewhere along the way and have to undo hours of work :(
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It seems to me that there are many people who would like to get involved with Tarot, either by giving or receiving readings, but they are unsure of how Tarot works. They suspect that there is some sort of contact with God, the Devil, spirits, or the like. These fears (or hopes) often lead these people to avoid using this valuable tool. But the mechanics of Tarot are much simpler and far deeper.

Tarot cards are nothing more than coloured ink on sheets of laminated cardboard. There is no magic present in the cards, and no spirit or divinity attached to them. Everything that is “magical” about the Tarot comes from the Reader and the Seeker. And by that I don’t mean that these two people cast a spell or call upon a god, rather that it is their intuition and observations that make the Tarot work.

The Reader is in control of the Tarot at all times. The Reader has bought the deck, chosen to use it in this particular reading (or given it as a choice for the Seeker to pick), and shuffled the cards (or directed the Seeker to do so). Every step is directed, all the way down to choosing the spread and placing the cards in the correct positions. The correct cards show up because the Reader has encouraged them to do so by believing that she or her Seeker can make this so.

This, of course, begs the question of how we can direct the correct cards to show up. It would be easy to dismiss it as magic. Rather, there is a theory that our minds are aware of everything that goes on, at a subconscious level. So it is likely that our mind is actually aware of each card as it passes through our hands while we shuffle. It is when the cards are laid down that our subconscious has a great deal of influence. It knows what issues that are bothering us just as well, or perhaps better, then our conscious mind. And it is able to help us interpret the cards before us in a way that will help us to solve our problems (or those of the Seeker, because, remember, our subconscious mind knows everything that is happening). The more we are in touch with our feelings and dreams, through our subconscious, the more accurate our Tarot readings will be.

There is another theory, which says that time is not linear and that our subconscious is aware of this. It is thought that our subconscious is able to understand the patterns of the future, if not outright predict it. Our subconscious then uses the images of the Tarot to help us by giving advice to direct our actions to maximize the possibility of a happy future.

Personally, I see the Tarot as a focus. I don’t know if my subconscious directs the cards or not. But I do know that I am often able to see something of my life in the images before me. They tend to remind me of events that I had forgotten about, or point to things that I didn’t realize were influencing the situation. I do believe that the subconscious has a role to play in readings, by reminding me of these events and connecting the archetypes of the Tarot to my life. I think that it is important to believe that the Tarot works through whatever method you are comfortable with, otherwise you will spend too much time doubting yourself and not enough time focusing on the message of the cards–the message from yourself to yourself.
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I’m a bit behind when it comes to the exercises with the Gaian Tarot and the online community. When you have a toddler, life isn’t always what you’d like it to be. And, yeah, that is a bit of an excuse, but it is also true.

Anyway, today I am having a bit of a hard time with the Seeker. Life is a bit uncertain around here. Okay, in all honesty, life is generally always uncertain. But we are waiting for more information and someone else to make up their mind before we make a big decision. A really big decision. And part of the problem is that some people are trying to talk us out of it, some people think it is a great idea, and, well, I just want us to decide one way or the other.

This brings me to the Seeker. She has decided. She is setting off on her journey and heading out into the unknown. I don’t know if she is as afraid as I am, or if she is as excited as I am. What I do know is that I want to be her. I want to take this chance, even if it turns out to suck. I still want to try.

But that leaves me thinking about how I will feel if it doesn’t happen. How can I still accomplish the things I want to accomplish, and what can I do instead?

Right now, though, I’m stuck in this unknowing limbo, unable to do much of anything other than envy the Seeker.

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