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Finally, another pair of socks for me!

These are the Salto Socks I started back on my holiday in November. I finally finished them and Wow, that took a long time! They are a little longer than I normally knit. The yarn is Blue Mountain Fiber Arts Sock Candy in colourway Dusty Blue.

To be honest with you, I made a few mistakes with these socks. The increases on the back of the first sock were done wrong and left tiny holes. (I was in the middle of the Caribbean Sea! I didn’t want to waste my precious Internet minutes looking up how to do an increase I thought I knew how to do.) And the second sock is actually a bit taller than the first since I did one extra cable twist on the leg. Oops! Thankfully the foot (which is what you see when wearing socks with pants, as I am wont to do) is perfect for both socks. I even followed the advice of the pattern and reversed the cables for the second sock.

And can you believe that I haven’t cast on another pair of socks yet? I’ve started another project, which I will share tomorrow.
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Happy Yule! Happy Winter Solstice! Welcome back Sun!

I was able to finish up Baby Man’s Yule gift in time. It is Planet June's Stegosaurus. I used Bernat Satin, and made a few changes because my gauge is a wee bit tighter than June's, even when using one size large hook.

Stegosaurus by Planet June

It was better received by Caden Bryce than I expected. He doesn’t really care for soft toys, but he has given this one a couple of hugs and driven it around in the bulldozer he got as a gift on Saturday from my cousin and his wife. I’m hoping to crochet Planet June’s Tortoise for him for his birthday.

I also finished up my first Pyroclastic Sock. It turned out quite well, even though I had to take a few guesses as to how the pattern on the top of the foot was supposed to change. It is a bit different than the standard sock architecture, being based on Elizabeth Zimmerman/Meg Swanson’s Arch-Shaped Stockings. I love how the bottom of the sock hugs my foot, and I am so looking forward to wearing these. I’ve already cast on the second sock.

pyroclasticsock-1 pyroclasticsock-side

Christmas knitting is done, as is all the holiday crocheting. The gifts have been washed and the last one is is almost done drying. One thing needs to have the sweater lint remover thing run over it, but it still looks pretty good. I’m hoping to tackle my wrapping tomorrow, and then relax until it is time to put the turkey in on Christmas Day. After that, well, stitching again! And who knows what else.

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