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I’ve recently started a rewatch of the new series of Doctor Who, introducing Caden Bryce to the show. The new series. I loved the old series, it scared the hell out of me as a little girl but I'm not sure it would hold Caden Bryce the way the new series does. Maybe we'll try it if he's interested- any excuse to go back and rewatch! So far we're up to the specials at the end of season 4 and I'm dreading losing the 10th Doctor - even though I know I love the 11th! After watching Partners in Crime back at the beginning of Season 4, I knew I needed to make myself an Adipose baby.


The pattern is available for free on Ravelery. I had to search through notes from projects other people had finished to figure out how to do the hands since the pattern is a bit... um, light on the details. But, I still think he turned out really cute.

Not a Doctor Who fan, but still wondering what an Apidose is? Check out this video, narrated by John Barrowman.
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Finally, about two years after I started it, Lizzie*Kate’s Peace, Love and a Cure is finally done!


I stitched it on white 28 count linen of some sort. (I’m really bad about labelling things, or taking good notes.) I decided to use the DMC conversion for it since, let’s be honest, I can be cheap. And, I am really pleased with the outcome.


It will most likely be sewn into a shopping bag using the fabrics above. If you have the pattern, you may have noticed that the fabric on the left is the same one shown on the cover. I looked everywhere for it, and ended up finding it somewhere nearby.

Somehow, finishing this gives me a bit more peace. While I worked on it a friend’s sister died of breast cancer and, as I mentioned before, a family member dealt with and overcame another type of cancer. It is silly, I know, but I feel like there is a bit more closure now.
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As I was putting away the Easter decorations, I realized I forgot to take a picture of this little cutie

The pattern is Dwarf Bunny by PlanetJune, and the yarn is Bernat Satin in Antique Rose. I’m not sure I like the colour choice, but I still think he is kinda cute. 😉

I also wanted to share one more thing with you. I've just finished reading a book called Passionate Mom, and I have to tell you that I really, really enjoyed it. It talks about how to be a good mum using ten points that are taken from the biblical store of Nehemiah.

Now, I’m sure a lot of you know that I’m not exactly Christian (I was brought up Christian but am definitely firmly living in the Pagan camp and have done so for many many years. My wife, however, is a Christian) but I still found that this book really spoke to me. The framework might be a biblical story, but the advice is firmly based in the real world. The ten points (Perception, Pondering, Passion, Prayer, Patience, Preparation, Purpose, Planning, Problem Solving, and Perseverance) speak to any mom, regardless of her religious beliefs (or lack there of, really).
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I hope the Easter Bunny was good to you! Caden Bryce, Regan, Erin and I were all very spoiled.

Although because of Caden Bryce's peanut allergy, the Easter Bunny goes very light on the chocolate for him, and a bit heavy on the Lego and books. 😉

Regan, Erin and I also received books (and some alcohol - naughty Easter Bunny!), but we definitely got our fair share of chocolate too!
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My beautiful wife whisked me away on a surprise 10 day holiday to Italy for an early anniversary present. We had an amazing time and there are no words that express how grateful I am to have Erin in my life

I am now beginning the process of catching up on everything - both on and offline. So tell me, friends, what have I missed? What have you been up to over the last week?
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February just seems to drag on and on, doesn’t it? Have you ever thought that it would be a nice idea to switch Valentine’s Day and Christmas? Wouldn’t a nice turkey dinner, some gifts, time with family, and a pretty Christmas tree be just the perfect things to perk up dreary February?

Speaking of Christmas, I’ve started a new project. Yeah, I know that I shouldn’t, but this one was planned for this year and isn’t an impulse start (seriously). It is Santa’s Journey from Dimensions, designed by Peggy Abrams. (If my mam is reading this right now, she just got really excited.)

I decided to stick with the aida that came in the kit. The last time I stitched a Dimensions stocking I did switch out the fabric for linen. But, my too-large fabric stash is actually really lacking in plain white linen. Hopefully I won’t regret my decision. 😉

I have two more Dimensions stocking kits to stitch after this one - one for Erin and one for my dad. I would like to get a fifth one for me, but nothing has caught my eye. Well, I would love to get my hands on the discontinued Windswept Santa kit but it is selling for a silly amount of money on eBay. I really don’t like it when things sell for so much more than their original price when they really aren’t special. :(
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As I’m sure most of you are aware, I tend to get a little bit behind. I mean well, really. But, once in a while I do actually get things done ahead of time.

This is Lucky Day, a Mill Hill kit from the 2010 Spring Bouquet collection. It is stitched as per the pattern, except I attached all the beads with half cross stitches instead of using full stitches for the petite beads. (Yes, I am that lazy.)

The original plan was to finish it as a pin for Caden Bryce to wear to school on St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a bit too big for his little chest. It does come with a magnet, but my new stainless steel fridge isn’t magnet! lol! I think I might just put it away to use as an ornament when I finally get around to creating a year long ornament tree.


Feb. 8th, 2016 10:56 am
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Caden Bryce and I have spent the last couple of days home sick. He is just about back to his old self, and should be off to school this afternoon. I, on the other hand, am looking forward to a long nap.

I rarely stitch or knit or anything when I’m sick. Instead I read, watch a bit of TV, and sleep as much as I can. Mostly I sleep. 😉

Proud mama

Feb. 5th, 2016 05:00 pm
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Good afternoon, Dreamwidth!

I am a very proud mama. My little girl Regan, has been accepted to her first choice university to do the course she's had her heart set on for years.

(Now all she has to do is get the A-Level results she needs but I have no doubt she will!)
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2016 IS the year I get back on social media. I know I kind of suck at it but it's one of my New Year's resolutions and everything. I miss it. I miss sitting here, typing out the random shit that's in my head and reading what everyone else up to.

Of course, on a related note, 2016 is also the year I change all my passwords. I guess it's a good thing as it's something you're supposed to do semi-regularly anyway.

Dreamwidth. Livejournal. Twitter. Tumblr. Facebook. Last.Fm. Goodreads.
All back up and running. Let me know if you want a link to any of them, but in general just search for vanillamagick.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to get my old Wordpress site back up again.

Right now, it's time for the Monopoly death match between my Erin and I. We've played 4 games today, and we're at 2-2, so this is the decider. The last game we had was pretty intense. I was down to like £20 and nearly all my properties mortgaged but somehow I came back and won it. It was a 3 hour game!

Regan thinks we're completely and utterly boring but we're having a blast. It's cold and wet and windy outside, so what's better than being in the warm and dry, having coffee and flapjacks, a fire roaring, good music playing.

Hopefully the pizza we've ordered will come soon. Then it is ON!
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Happy 17th birthday to my beautiful baby girl, Regan.

I'm sure she was just 7 or so, how can she be 17?
But she is and she's blossoming into an amazing young woman - despite that unfortunate penchant for boybands haha. I may be biased on this of course but no-one else's opinion matters.

We went car shopping today, and she's now the proud owner of (and I'm useless with cars so bare with me here) a 1.0 VW Rock Up! in black, with black leather-look seats and a dark-silver dashboard. And for only £1100 over budget - although most of those costs were for safety features, warranty and servicing packages so I'm not going to complain.
She starts her driving lessons on Monday, so anyone in the Chelsea/Battersea area, please be careful around 10:30!

After that, we met up with her dad & Jimmy and all 6 of us had some lunch. Craig's present to her being the block of driving lessons.

She's now off out with her friends. Caden Bryce is with Craig & Jimmy. And Erin and I are about to start watching Sense8 on Netflix.

Hope you're having a nice Saturday

Sick Day

Apr. 11th, 2014 12:59 pm
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We’ve been very lucky with Caden Bryce. In his three short years, he’s only been sick three times. Once with a minor cold, once with roseola (that was fun), and once again with a nasty cold today.

Dealing with a child with a cold, especially with his first real serious cold, is an exercise in patience. He broke down in tears several times this morning because he just didn’t understand what was wrong. He kept whimpering and pointing at his nose and throat. And, while he is quite vocal and fairly good at understanding what we try to tell him, it is really hard to explain to a 3-year old why he is sick.

Thankfully, a little while after this picture was taken (and a long while after he calmed down), the little man was nearly back to normal. If I had half the energy he has when he is sick when I am well, I could take on the world!

I know this is one of the first in a long line of illness to come. Because of “advances in medicine”, we will likely get to skip over some childhood illness, like chicken pox. But, there will be colds and flus and goodness knows what else yet to come. Sometimes all it will take is some tissues and a hug to help him feel better, and sometimes it will take a whole lot more.


Jul. 17th, 2013 01:02 pm
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I really do need to get back to a more regular schedule of blogging. I know [personal profile] imagineireann was saying that she always feels she has nothing of importance to say and I can agree that is definitely part of why I don't post as much.

It also doesn't help that I can't find a layout I want. It's one of those, I don't know what I want but would know it when I saw it. Erin keeps saying she'll design something for me (she wouldn't be able to code it and I'd have to find someone to do that) but I'm tired of waiting and nudging. I suppose because that is part of the work that she does for pay makes it less fun to do for free. This new theme will do for a little while but I'll keep looking for something more me
I'd love a theme that brings in elements of nature and maybe crafting. That’s not asking for much, is it?

Things have also been very unsettled around here, for various reasons.
Erin and I broke up, got back together, broke up, had lots of long talks about what we want/need and our priorities and are back together again. I do think our relationship is stronger for it and we both know how to move things forward, what does/doesn't work for us.
Caden Bryce is fully embracing his terrible twos.
Regan is stressed with school and peer pressure.

Something has to give and I'm hoping it's not me! I'm trying to rediscover my outlets, my escapes from all of that. I'm definitely reading more than I ever used to, and losing myself into various facebook games. And now I want to reassert my online presence this way too.

Next up, poking at ye olde livejournal and wordpress sites!
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Caden Bryce is not sleeping. As you can tell from the fact I'm writing this at 01:10 on a Sunday morning. Regan is a very light sleeper and the slightest thing wakes her up. She cannot sleep through Caden Bryce's cries. The stress of dealing with a cranky teenager and 2-year old on little sleep combined with all the nights I’ve spent sleeping on the floor has lead to a very, very sore back for me. At this point I am running on fumes and pain medication. And caffeine. Goddess bless you caffeine.
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My baby girl, Regan, has joined Dreamwidth. I can already feel her rolling her eyes at me calling her my baby girl, see that adolescent scowl as she reminds me that she's fourteen and NOT a baby. She'll always be my baby girl though, even when she's forty! My mam still calls me her baby.
That was rather tangential. Regan's on Dreamwidth. Her account is [personal profile] glitterangel and you should add her. LOL

I've been, as ever, cross-stitching a lot this week. Below is my progress on Sewing the Seeds. It is a much softer looking design than what the cover model shows. As you can see, I’ve backstitched most of the over-one lettering in the darker pink. I’m glad I didn’t do the larger “Love” that way, since I like my mistake better.

I’ve also been working on one of Planet June’s creatures as a gift for Caden Bryce's second birthday. Here is all sea turtle pieces. You’d think I have the bulk of the work done, but putting it together will be very labour intensive. worth it.
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I was on the phone with my mam this afternoon, and she told me that she thought it had been too long since I posted on my blog. So, here I am, posting on my blog. Hope you enjoy it, Mam.

I'm not sure I have anything to blog about. I do have new followers though (*waves* hi!), so maybe a quick refresh of the family, since it's something people do get confused about and I can completely understand why

Regan is my 14 year step-daughter. She's a whirlwind of energy, I swear the only time she stops is when she's asleep. She loves sport, dance and baking and has unfortunate tastes in pop music and boybands. She wants to be a... well last time I checked it was sociology, and she even had her choice of university and course plotted out.
Her mother Shaine was the love of my life, we were together from our teens until Shaine died at in 2007. She was depressed and had a history of drug problems, she was battling it, but something came up in therapy that she couldn't deal with, and she took her own life.
One of my best friends, Craig is Regan's biological father. She spends every weekend with him and his boyfriend Jimmy. They are both fully active fathers to her, and spoil her rotten (not that I don't)

Caden Bryce is my almost 2 year old son - his birthday is in 11 days. He loves cars, sleeping, eating and babbling. He follows Regan around as much as he can.
I do not know who is father is. I was raped, and fell pregnant from it. I couldn't bring myself it have an abortion. I thought about it long and hard, and found myself unable to. My way of looking at it is that Caden Bryce is an innocent, the circumstances surrounding his conception are not his fault. I can't imagine not having him in my life.

Erin is the other person I talk about a lot. She's my girlfriend. We've been together just over two years and she is my rock. She loves football, even if she supports an awful team. She loves sex, astrology, mythology, sci-fi and fantasy. She has the most beautiful bright blue eyes and accepts my raggedy family without question, has fitted it with us perfectly.

I also have an older sister, married with two daughter, who lives down on the south coast and I have a younger adopted sister who lives in Wales with Mam and Dad.

That's the basics of the 'about us' which should clear anything up.
Mam, is this a good enough post for you? Have I missed anything you think needs saying?
Is there anything YOU want to ask, dear reader?


Jan. 5th, 2013 07:49 pm
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Regan and Erin often get very frustrated by me, or more specifically by my approach to recycling. It's an issue I care very deeply about and I will recycle everything I can. I actually have separate bins in the house for different items: one for glass, one for food & drink cartons, one for plastics, one for paper and cardboard and one for tins and aerosols. They're even colour co-ordinated.
Yes, I know exactly how lame that sounds - both Regan and Erin tell me this. Regan usually huffing it when I ask her to use the correct bin. (I 'dock' her pocket money when she constantly gets it wrong - it's another encouragement to get it right!)

I also have a compostor for food waste. I insist that all clothing is donated as well.

Like I said, it's an issue that's close to my heart. I happen to like this planet, and dislike the abuse our race is causing her. Recycling is just one of the ways, one of the easiest ways to try and help. It gives things a future. Making new products from waste means we don't have to bury or burn it. This saves energy and resources, which is good for the economy and the environment.
Recycling costs less than disposing of waste, and it helps to keep council tax low. According to my local council website "If people in Wandsworth stopped recycling, the council's waste disposal costs would increase by over £1.5m every year. Every extra tonne you recycle currently saves another £58.50."

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